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UK Dating Site Reviews – Make Love Happen at

Welcome to the 21st century where dating has gone from strange blind dates to online profile browsing called “online dating”. is one of the earliest virtual dating sites and has been around since 1995. Founder Gary Kremen, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, based the idea on personals in the papers. Fast forward to 2010 and the site has ballooned to about 15 million subscribers in over 24 countries. Now that’s a big dating pool.

How Does it Work?

The popular online dating service boasts a simple 3-step plan to getting anyone their dream date. First you browse, then you create a profile and finally you subscribe to the service to meet that special person. Initially there’s a free trial at before you choose among two paid subscription levels.

Unique Features

It’s not just a social network; you can actually search for people you want to date based on certain criteria you come up with. They promise to find “tall, dark, handsome” or “likes rocket science” to everything in between.’s matching capabilities offer two other types of searches as well, called “reverse matching” (lets you know which people are looking for someone like you) and “mutual matching” (when a person reviews you in the ‘About My Date’ section of the site).

New perks like the “Daily Five” and “FindMindBind” offer five daily-autosuggested profiles that match your interests and dating advice from the popular analyst Dr. Phil. You can now even access the online dating service anytime, anywhere, with its mobile dating feature.

How Safe is Match.Com?

This matchmaking site provides strict rules to protect members from the hazards of virtual dating. They have guidelines for safe personal meetings, as well as privacy controls for profiles and anonymous messaging between members. Profile pictures are also screened for appropriateness- so you better forget about posting those alluring bikini beach shots. Basically, while this matchmaking site has done all it can to protect you and warn you – you still have to be proactive enough to make safe dating choices.

What People Like about It is the premier site for cyberspace dating so people expect a lot. Their search features, online dating advice sections and autosuggested matchmaking profiles are hard to beat. You don’t have to wait too long for results. It serves up your matches fast, clear and easy. There’s even a “6-month guarantee” that you’ll find someone special.

And For Some Who Don’t

Considering it’s a worldwide enterprise, you can’t escape ads. Some also comment that they don’t get the “Daily 5? feature as promised. Other people find the selection process too overwhelming – there are so many people to choose from.

If you want to try online dating with, make sure you read everything in the fine print. After all, we can’t expect any service, much less a “love” match making service to be perfect. Meeting the right person takes time and patience- with a little bit of luck. Just remember to be honest, without “oversharing” and have fun. Who knows? You might get lucky. login
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