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Attracting Women: A No Frills Guide

If you’re still dumbfounded about attracting women, you’re not alone. Today’s women are different from generations past who used to just wait for marriage and kids. They are now more accomplished, even earning just as much or higher than the average man. But even women like these look for the same qualities as any normal girl out there. Just ask your sister, your mother and friends around, and they will tell you the same thing.

*Looks or Money Aren’t Important in the Long Term

First, women aren’t that interested in looks. Women are wired differently from men in that way. Attracting women requires more of a good personality more than anything else. Forget about flashing your fancy sports car or expensive watch. Just stay within the limits of decent personal hygiene and turn on the charm.

*Be Charming and Funny… Without Overdoing It

Speaking of charm, if you have to use humor for attracting women, make sure you take lessons from the greats. It really requires that much confidence and practice. Not all men are born with a great sense of humor so if you aren’t one of them, don’t force it. Here’s a tip: women like self-deprecating humor more than anything else. Just don’t overdo the mumbling idiot routine too much or she’ll think you are one for real.

*Get a Life

Like it or not, attracting women will require that you have something BIG going on in your life. And no, its not what you can do in bed! The fairer sex look up to guys who have enough drive to make something of themselves. The self-made man is always a winner in their book. So go out there, get a living and be good at it. If successful nerds can do it, so can you.

*Stay Reasonably Clean

Another way to attracting women is also through a dustbuster. The opposite sex wants someone decent enough who can clean up after themselves. (You’ll get less nagging this way.) Small courtesies like picking up socks or washing the dishes on your own can soften any girl’s heart. It’s a major plus if you have the ability to cook well. Just remember, it isn’t about doing everything she wants but doing what pleases her the most that counts.

*Stay True

Be as sincere as you can be and attracting women will be a cinch. Next to being laugh out-loud-funny, sincerity is the next best way to win any girl over. Always say what you mean and mean what you say to get them to say yes to anything you ask.

Attracting women is much easier if you man up in the first place. Just think about it, most girls idolize their fathers. So try to better yourself in that way. The more you appear caring, responsible and sensitive while still being adventurous and funny will always win you brownie points. Just don’t fake it to break hearts. You know what they say… hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. login
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